His Kingdom in you and the world

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Jesus Christ is revealed to our hearts and minds by Holy Spirit. Jesus has revealed our Father to our hearts and minds and has revealed ourselves to ourselves. To see Jesus is to see our Father and to know who Jesus is – is to know who you are.


The apostles witness the Christ in person and John and Paul told the story of the Christ and what His life and teachings mean for the human race. The teaching of Jesus and the apostles is the apostle’s doctrine. It is their gospel that is the one authoritative gospel by which we are not only saved but drawn into the life of God in the present.

By believing that Christ is our life we are able to fellowship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a similar kind of communion that the members of the trinity enjoy with each other: Perichoresis.


There has been no additional revelation of Kingdom truth since the cross, nor will there be. There is no body of doctrine that has legitimacy other than the ‘apostles doctrine’ and no genuine Biblical teaching that diverges from the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles.

The apostle’s doctrine is normative and definitive. It comes to us in the revelation of Christ through those who minister the word in its new covenant agency of Christ our life also known as Christ come in the flesh.


Gospels that vary from the teaching of Jesus and the apostles are at best mistaken and at worst a fabric of lies.

“THE Christian doctrine of God is to be understood from within the unique, definitive and final self-revelation of God in Jesus Christ his only begotten Son.

That is, from within the self-revelation of God as God become man for us and our salvation, in accordance with its proclamation in the Gospel and its actualisation through the Holy Spirit in the apostolic foundation of the Church.

It is in the Lord Jesus, the very Word and Mind of God incarnate in our humanity, that the eternal God ‘defines’ and identifies himself for us as he really is.

"Only in Christ is God’s self-revelation identical with himself, and only in Christ, God for us, does he communicate his self-revelation to us in such a way that authentic knowledge of God is embodied in our humanity, and thus in such a way that it may be communicated to us and understood by us.

Jesus Christ is at once the complete revelation of God to man, and the perfect correspondence on man’s part to that revelation required by it for the fulfilment of its own revealing movement.” (1)

This is to say that Jesus Christ reveals God to us and responds to this revelation of God as us, so that in all things He has the primacy.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 1). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.