His Kingdom in you and the world

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Herbert Marcuse wrote of ‘
One Dimensional Man’ – a figment of what could have been a whole person but wasn’t, in the technological age. T. S Eliot wrote of ‘head piece filled with straw’ which depicted persons who have not only lost the ability to think but people who had never discovered the meaning of their person.


Law addiction conditions the way we think. Schooled in the law all that we think we know (our epistemology) is denuded of life while we cling to the ‘solidities’ of nothing. This is why we cannot see the Kingdom of God in our un-reborn state. We cannot ‘see’ ourselves.

We can have a self-respected professional life and think that the persona represented by these accomplishments are us. But it is a husk. It’s not our true self. Sure. It is us but not the real us. Such people spend their lives insulated from themselves.


Their real self of anyone is the self they were created to be before the world began and the self that they can become when Christ is their life. ‘Selves’ made from externalities will not produce authentic sonship in this life. We cannot be sons in spirit and truth as figures of the law.


There are people about who appear to be inert; to be unresponsive to the glory of the ordinary around them. But this is not innate. Could it be that the child-like wonder at life that they began with was socialised/brainwashed out of them by the normality of their christian life?


Could it be that the fizz of life has been made into something less than it is: flat lemonade by their religion of the letter that kills. Thus while the capitalist reduces life to money and in so doing kills the earth, the religionist (real law-monger) reduces life to religion and so kills himself.

The truth is this. Life is a person. The person of Christ. Incarnated with Him we are life. Drugged with religion (the law) we are dead men walking.

Christ is the life because He is life. Anything that is not personified Jesus, is innately reductionist, making the subject of our interest – the glory of the ordinary - less than it is. When Christ is your life you are always more than you are.


I know people who cannot bring themselves to believe that a God-incarnated life is where it’s at, because they seemingly do not want to believe that the incarnation – CHRIST AS YOU is enough.

Pursuant to the fall they think they must add something to what God has done. As a result they invest themselves in some variety of legalism from which they gain an imagined status and identity. But they increasingly shrink as a ‘self’. Not a few are blind leaders of the blind – those who have a following but are not leaders of spirit and life.


C Baxter Kruger observes, “There is an invisible river of sorts running through our lives, that we are part of a great dance. I do not know how I came by this knowledge. It was always just there. It never occurred to me to question it. To do so would have been a violation of something more real to me than my own existence. It was also a given that, whatever this river was, this great dance, the passion of my heart was to be in the middle of it.’’ (1)

We are in the middle of it when we decide that Christ is our life.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited. Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.