His Kingdom in you and the world

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In every way needful to you, Jesus has become you so that you may become what He is. Jesus Christ has not saved bits and pieces of you. He has saved you. Not just to eternal life but you are saved into His life now.


“A doctrine found everywhere in the early Church in the first five centuries, expressed again and again in the terms that the whole man had to be assumed by Christ if the whole man was to be saved, that the unassumed is unhealed, or that what God has not taken up in Christ is not saved. The sharp point of those formulations of this truth lay in the fact that it is the alienated mind of man that God had laid hold of in Jesus Christ in order to redeem it and effect reconciliation deep within the rational centre of human being.” T. F Torrance, The Mediation of Christ.

This is why God says, ‘My sons, give me your heart.’ In giving Him our heart we possess Christ’s life in its entirety. Christ our life is Christ as us.


Gregory Boyd asserts that much of what we have been taught is a Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil. God did not send His Son so that we could do good and avoid evil with success. He came to us to bring life. Thus Father sent His Son so that Jesus would be us: Incarnation.

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10.10 NIV.

It would be nice if doing righteous things and kind acts made us Godly people but as well-meaning as it is, it leaves many gaps. Godliness becomes ours because we are part of God’s being and are daughters and sons. When we believe that Christ is our life He is. This is life in the Spirit and it is Godliness because you become a son/daughter of God in real time. The fruit of the Spirit is you.

Don’t leave this in the ground because you would prefer to do live in law. Possess this talent that is life to the full. Seize your inheritance and enjoy the infinite multiplication of spirit and life in your being.

I’m not saying that being kind instead of mean and looking out for others rather oneself is not virtuous. Just saying that is not the core of Godliness. Christ our life is Godliness.

Being imbued with God’s Spirit is Godliness. When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well she wanted to know if worshiping at Jerusalem or ‘this mountain’ placed one in the favour of God. He replied that what counted was not places to worship or the day of worship. What counts is worship in ‘spirit and in truth.’ What is such worship? It is ‘Christ come in our flesh’.


Of all the religious spirits the law-diluted christ is the most devious and the least visible since it poses as ‘godliness’.

‘This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God’ 1 John 4.2 NIV.

Schooled in the law, we might pass over this scripture as being about discerning demons. Actually it is. But it’s chiefly about the religious spirit that make Christ into a religion so that He cannot be the incarnation and manifest as you and us. It has been said, ‘Be holy because God is holy.’ This is how.

We are not holy because we have grasped an icon, pocketed a belief or become a mini-mother Theresa. We are holy because we and our Father are one.


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

Living in this REALIZATION every day is our fulsome worship of God. Here we become a living sacrifice that is by no means an austere and ascetic affair. We agree that our Adam is crucified and that Christ as us is who we are.


This is the celebration of you in your uniqueness as a manifestation of God. We call this being a daughter and a son. Because Christ is your life and you are incarnated with the fullness of God the whole of life becomes a sacrament as you minister spirit and life into every macro and micro of creation. So there’s no need to hibernate in monasteries, adopt pious postures or ‘do’ observances. Holiness and wholeness is you as a son.

Sincerity is not always enough. What counts is truth, because truth is life. ‘The law came through Moses. Grace, truth and healing is in Jesus Christ.’

There are people who are crippled with emotional disease – a misery to themselves and others – even though they assert they are spirit filled. ‘In the Spirit’ has made them worse than they were because it sets up a conflict at the base of our being – between Adam and Jesus, which is to say between the false self and the true. What Jesus means for them is for them to be woven into God.


In speaking to the woman at the well Jesus was referring to the union of our spirit with the Spirit of God. This makes us alive and imparters of genuine life: The kind of life that flowed from Jesus as spirit and life. This spirit and life flows from the trinity, the hub of life and from Jesus into you. The fullness of God has come in your flesh.

We are Godly when our spirits as sons/daughters are alive in the Spirit of our Father. This is our Sabbath life.