His Kingdom in you and the world

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The Spirit of Sonship manifesting in each of us restores us to the state of being intended by the trinity before the world was made. Paul says, ‘Now are we the sons of God.’ Notionally we always were. However in Jesus as a result of the at-one-ment and incarnation we are sons in spirit and in truth. As sons we grow all our lives into the fullness of our sonship because Christ is in and expressing His Spirit as us. As such we grow continually from glory to glory in the ever maturing wonder of our personal sonship and daughtership.


There is infinite potential in a son of God. But a surfeit of unused inheritance in a worker and slave of the law and religion.

“In the new covenant, the hope of Messiah has been realized. The sin-centric focus of the old covenant is no longer appropriate in the new. I am not saying that the issue of sin is never addressed. I am saying it is not central. Christ is central. In the new covenant, the prophetic burden is to make Christ, the Lamb of God known as the remedy for the freedom from, and power over sin, not merely pointing out a shortcoming to divine standard.” (1)


We are what we believe. This is why we need to believe the truth and not some partisan version of it. There’s no point in notionally being a son of God (a slave and worker) when you can be a son in spirit and in truth. In one mindset we belong to the body of death. In the other we are the Body of Christ in spirit and in truth.

Jesus is life and represents life and truth in Himself. By weaving His being into ours Jesus drives out degradation and addictions, frees us of lies about ourselves and about God and grows us into the fullness of Himself. All the while we are enveloped in His grace which is Jesus in person.

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 1702-1706). . Kindle Edition.