His Kingdom in you and the world

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Some of the pastors who spoke in the documentary, ‘American Gospel’ observed that large numbers of church-goers do not know what Christ’s Gospel is. Many just ride along on the conveyor belt of church life. Their religious life is a kind of contract between themselves and God. ‘I do this so that God will do that.’ We have an inheritance in Jesus that is much better than that. You have Him as your life and your companion who is in you and with you. Old testament David has a better companionship with God than many church-goers. Yet any post-cross person can have a closer life with Jesus than any Great of Old Testament Years.

Don’t live from a poverty mentality in your life with God. We do God and ourselves a grave disservice if we take it upon ourselves to imagine that the law is the key issue of salvation. Love is the key issue – because real life is love. Today’s critical issue is the fact that God is love and that love manifests itself as the persons and the relationship of the trinity IN YOU AND AMONG US. God is love and God is life. Thus, Jesus the Son of God came among us as life to the full – as the manifestation of the God who is love and who can be trusted unconditionally.

Jesus is the representative of who God is and who we are.


The first lie was double sided. It cast doubt on the identity of God and the identity of ourselves. Both were slighted and made to appear less than they were. The lie has not changed. It surfaces in derivative gospels; as gospels that retain us in the ‘toils’ of Adam’s mistake and as gospel that operate as a kind of scarcity mentality in the midst of limitless spirit and grace. They perpetuate the power of the fall by denying the fullness of the at-onement and the reality of the Spirit of Christ manifest as ourselves. Rather than Christ come in the flesh it is purported that the law has come in our flesh with Jesus’ help – a devious and pernicious dilution of our perfect inheritance: Christ manifest as us. The anti-christ is relentless in its attempts to make the sons of God less than they are. Don’t be among its allies.


‘In Christ was the fullness of God bodily.’ The incarnation is more than Christ in us. Because Christ is in us the fullness of God is in us and with us. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was fully God, which reveals the love of God in its extravagance. The love of God is the trinity and this love is the trinity in you. It declares the strength to which we are allied and the manner in which we are holy as God is Holy when we embrace ‘Christ in us.’ By casting off the law and embracing Christ as our life, we are fully sons – not potential sons. We are sons in spirit and in truth because we are part of the being of God.


“What the Son of God became in Jesus Christ, experienced, said, and undertook for us and our salvation, is grounded in God and has been assumed into God as his very own. The most breath-taking aspect of all this was that the man Jesus, Son of Mary, who lived a fully human life among us as one of us, is none other than God himself come to us as man, and for ever belongs to the innermost being and life of the Godhead.” (1)

‘For ever belongs to the innermost being and life of the Godhead’. Because Christ is your life, so do you.

(1)Torrance, Thomas F.. The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (pp. 143-144). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.