Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you




I have always been interested in the life of the mind, loving good books and gaining pleasure from being with those who value education and who are intelligent and perceptive. But I value even more the fellowship of those who have a hunger for Jesus and the revelation and quiet discernment this affords people with a love of life.

I studied English, history and theology in my first undergraduate degree and sociology, politics and philosophy in my second. During my masters I studied themes in ethnicity, religion and politics in Australian society.

While engaged in my masters studies I experienced the manifest presence of God in a nearby church and began to grow in familiarity with the ways of the Holy Spirit and His role in enabling believers to multiply what Jesus began.

Jesus was giving me a taste for the Kingdom.

Over the period of my life I had noticed the sad encumbrance of religion and its’ dulling ability to close people’s minds, rob them of life and make them smaller in spirit than they might have been had they had the advantage of no religion at all.

At the same time I observed the life, freedom and wholeness in those who made a life, not out of religion, Christianity or church attendance but out of Jesus. These Believers are today increasing in number and are the hope and reality of the emerging Kingdom of God’s priests and kings.

Thus for our web ministry theme I chose the words of Isaiah 61 and Luke 4.18 on the grounds that Jesus came to liberate and invest with His authority all who had found themselves bound despite themselves by self-absorption and religion. Jesus lives to set such captives free and honour them with crowns of righteousness.

4Ancient Mariner

Our Isaiah 61 Web ministry began in 1998 with the aim of setting people free from religion by binding them in Jesus. But not only bringing them to Jesus but revealing to them the secret of God’s plan for the church – Christ in you, His Kingdom in the world.

Christians and the world need to know that Jesus is not an addition to our life, nor is He the hand maiden of christianity. He is our life and through us the life of the world.